Hayden Reis E-Mail Campaigns

Hayden Reis is a Florida-based designer of sailcloth bags, totes, and beach-friendly accessories.

nuSpace Media collaborated with LBH & Co., Hayden Reis’ public relations company, to create Hayden Reis email marketing campaigns. The campaigns are focused on seasonal sales events.

nuSpace Media came up with a basic template design where the header and footer information could be reused while the remaining information contained within could be updated depending on the sales period and advertised products. Each design is coded into HTML and distributed to Hayden Reis followers via MailChimp.

Email Campaign Designs:

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La-Z-Boy Search Engine Marketing

La-Z-Boy is a nationwide store selling furniture ranging from couches and sofas, to coffee and dining tables, and, of course, their famous recliners.

Since 2012 nuSpace Media has been working with the Southern U.S. franchise responsible for stores in Augusta, GA, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, Greenville, SC, Lexington, SC, and Pineville, NC. nuSpace Media’s search engine marketing (SEM) work includes managing multiple location-based campaigns on a variety of search engine platforms to showcase their sales and promotions.

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Crabapple Montessori School

Crabapple Montessori School is a private Montessori curriculum school located in the Crabapple neighborhood of Alpharetta, Georgia.

nuSpace Media collaborated with Lucid Partners a few years ago to develop the Crabapple Montessori School website using WordPress. The design was provided by Lucid Partners.

With ever changing technology Crabapple Montessori School felt the need to provide a responsive website to its visitors. Lucid Partners made minor design adjustments to the existing design and nuSpace Media redeveloped the WordPress website into a responsive-friendly format that would allow mobile, tablet, and computer users alike to browse the content.

Website: Crabapple Montessori School

Crabapple Montessori School homepage:

Crabapple Montessori School Homepage

Crabapple Montessori School internal page:

Crabapple Montessori School Internal Page

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Jekyll Island Club Hotel Website

The Jekyll Island Club Hotel is a historic vacation destination on Georgia’s coast. The club hotel was constructed in 1888 as a winter retreat for the wealthy of the Gilded Age. Today anyone is welcome to stay and enjoy the warm climate of the Georgia sea side in this historic hotel while enjoying fine dining and beaches.

nuSpace Media first worked with the Jekyll Island Club Hotel in 2006 for a website redesign, then again in 2009 for a CSS conversion and design facelift, and in 2011 for a conversion to WordPress.

We are happy they once again trusted our expertise during the latest project where the website was converted to use responsive design, making it friendly for PC, tablet, and mobile users, while also receiving another design overhaul. Additional features include a blog and a shopping cart to sell Jekyll Island Club Hotel branded merchandise.

Website: Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Jekyll Island Club Hotel homepage:

Jekyll Island Club Hotel Homepage

Jekyll Island Club Hotel internal page:

Jekyll Island Club Hotel Internal Page

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