Jekyll Island Website

Jekyll Island is an island on the Georgia coast that has been designated a State Park and run by the Jekyll Island Authority.

nuSpace Media initially started working with the Jekyll Island Authority to make maintenance updates to the Jekyll Island website. Eventually a website re-design was desired and nuSpace Media worked to create a new design which would be wrapped around the existing Dot Net Nuke content management system.

Jekyll Island Website Homepage:

Jekyll Island Website Homepage

Jekyll Island Website Internal Page:

Jekyll Island Website Internal

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Major, Arroll & Been Website and Flyer

Major, Arroll & Been is an Atlanta-based real estate company specializing in commercial and land property deals.

nuSpace Media used Major, Arroll & Been’s existing branding to design first a real estate flyer template and then a website to match the flyer design. The website was developed using the Open Realty content management system and nuSpace Media is in charge of regular website maintenance.

Website: Major, Arroll & Been

Major, Arroll & Been Website Homepage:

Major, Arroll & Been Homepage

Major, Arroll & Been Website Property Listings Page:

Major, Arroll & Been Property Page

Major, Arroll & Been Flyer:

Major, Arroll & Been Flyer

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