Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Website

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation helps high school students turn into the leaders of tomorrow by supporting them in their journey of academic excellence, positive leadership and dedication to service.

nuSpace Media worked in collaboration with Lucid Partners to redesign and develop their existing website. The new website’s purpose was additionally to draw together the content of three separate websites into one cohesive website.

Lucid Partners provided us with the design and nuSpace Media coded the design around a highly customized WordPress application.

Website: Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation homepage:

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Website

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation internal page:

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation internal page

Website Development

Star Foundation Website

STAR Foundation is an organization in Brunswick, Georgia, empowering its participants to be financially independent through job and life training skills.

STAR Foundation was already using the WordPress content management system, but were ready for a new look and feel. nuSpace Media worked with them on a website re-design all the while converting the WordPress platform into a responsive design to ensure cross-platform (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile) compatibility.

STAR Foundation homepage:

Star Foundation Index

STAR Foundation internal page:

STAR Foundation internal page

Website Design, Website Development

Rich Products Corporation Website

Rich Products Corporation is a privately-owned company providing a range of food products and services.

nuSpace Media worked on the website in two phases. In the first phase the job was to complete their partially designed and developed website. We worked in collaboration with Butin Integrated Communications, Rich’s public relations company, to refine the design, restructure the architecture, and finish formatting the content.

In the second phase the website was converted to use the WordPress content management system and make updates to the homepage design.

Website: Rich Products Corporation

Rich Products Corporation Homepage:

Rich Products Corporation Homepage

Rich Products Corporation internal page:

Rich Products Corporation Internal Page

Website Development